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Diplomatic List

The exchange of diplomatic representatives between Russia and Siam took place in 1897 and 1898 following the decision of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and King Chulalongkorn. The Siamese Minister Phraya Suriya Nuvat, who had represented King Chulalongkorn in Europe with residence in Paris, received an additional appointment to the Russian Imperial Court. In 1898 Alexander Olarovski, the Russian Consul-General in New York, was transferred to Siam and appointed as the Russian Charge dAffaires and the Consul General. Before his departure from America, Olarovski received a ten-page instructive letter from the Russian Foreign Ministry. The major part of it contained the directives concerning the Russian policy towards Siam. The essence of that policy was expressed in the following lines of the letter: Your conduct in its entirety shall bear the imprint of favourable attention which our august Monarch is willing to extend to the person of the Siamese King, as well as to the fortunes of his people; it shall respond to the sincerity and warmth which are put by Siam at the base of our relations. Simultaneously, Your conduct shall lack any mercantile motive whatsoever, or pursuit of any benefit. Finally, it shall respond to the expectations of that country to receive on the part of Russia the desired concern for her interests and find in this concern the necessary moral support in the unequal struggle with her mighty neighbours.